Fun London Walk Near the London Eye – Taking in River Thames

A favourite London fun walk of ours was the walk we did around the area near the London Eye. This is a good area for families and solo tourists alike, as there lots of facilities and it is pretty central. Here are our London Eye destination tips.

1. First, arrive early and get your ticket in advance. This will avoid long boring queues, and there is plenty of fun interesting stuff to do nearby while you wait, eat lunch and arrive back at the London Eye at your leisure.

2. Buy or take along youir own map! If you have kids with you, make sure their London map is kid-friendly and do some orientation with them before you go. This will make the London Eye views more meaningful to them.

3. Have cameras ready, including ones for the kids – even disposable ones are fun.

4. If you have not brought lunch with you, and want to save some cockney pennies, check out Waterloo Station which is just a 5 min walk away over a short footbridge almost opposite the London Eye. (This was closed off for works last time we visited, but you can walk round.) Here there are all the amenities you may need for your day out, including ATM, shops selling daily essentials such as sandwiches, cold drinks, health items, papers, accessories. There are also toilets here, and a cafe where beverages etc are usually a bit cheaper than by the Thames.

5. Waterloo Station is worth a quick look too, for instance there is an interesting clock outside.

6. For lunch, what could be more of a Cockney experience than a picnic on the banks of the Thames, watching the barges and river cruisers go by? You could even take a trip on one, if you time it right. There is a good playground for the kids and a wide green open space for them to let off steam. Here London cockney locals enjoy the spaces with tourists alike.

7. Here, there are often funny street entertainers – the day we went, they were painted top to toe in gold or silver – including their faces.

8. Depending on how much time you have, it is an easy walk along the embankment to take in other attractions such as The Houses Of Parliament, Westminster Bridge for photos, South Bank – or even Tate Modern and Millennium Bridge. You can’t get lost as it’s a case of up one side of the river and down along the other side.

9. Free fun sculpture makes good photos for kids – and the Dali museum has some amusing sculptures the kids might like, such as a giraffe – even if the budget won’t allow a visit inside.

10. If all else fails and it’s raining there is always the Imax Cinema, also close by.

All in all, there is plenty to do in this part of London that’s fun – as well as The London Eye!

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